Sunny Days Placemats 6 Units



6 units
Sunny Days

Pre-cut in roll. 48 x 32 cm


Roll of 6 placemats of 48×32 cm of the Sunny Days collection and 100% recycled cotton. The Sunny Days collection offers recycled cotton placemats and napkins with a delicate combination of lines and dots in two colours: curry and petrol blue. A pleasant and attractive design, ideal for giving a slightly warm air to your table.

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56 Unities



100% Textile
100% Textile
Sin costuras
Without seams
Rollo precortado
Pre-cut roll
Un sólo uso o reutilizables
Single use or reusable

Washing (+)

No usar lejia
40ª Grados

Sunny Days placemats 100% recycled cotton.

Placemats 100% recycled cotton seamless, pleasant textile touch and high absorption. Of single use or reusable (washable). For your convenience they come in roll format, in 6 pre-cut units. Placements of the Sunny Days collection.

For their size of 48×32 cm they are perfect for dressing the table in your style for breakfasts, brunches, aperitifs, dinners, suppers, etc. For your intimate gatherings, family, with friends…

MY DRAP, placemats to dress the table in a fun, elegant or creative way. For your family gatherings, with friends, or, why not, for professional use in restaurants, catering, etc. MY DRAP, the detail making the difference.

SUNNY DAYS collection, an original touch. Fine lines and dots, combined in two colours, define the design of the Sunny Days collection. Simplicity and harmony on a fabric such as recycled cotton results in a quality collection.
Sunny Days
Uses: formal meetings and events Allows you to dress the table elegantly and originally at meetings or events of a more formal nature (suppers, lunches), in those where the table must be dressed for the occasion and there is a certain etiquette, diners are usually seated and there are not usually very many guests (between 6 and 15 people).
Formal celebrations
Formal celebrations
A part of the success of these kinds of celebrations lies in how the table is laid out. Elegant decorative details such as the table linen, which reflect the host’s personality make the diners remember the event forever.


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