Foggy Blue Cotton Napkin 12 Units



Cotton Dinner Napkin
12 units
Basics Foggy Blue

Pre-cut in roll. 32 x 32 cm / 12.6 x 12.6 in


Foggy Blue napkins for events 32x32cm

Napkins for events 32×32 cm in Foggy Blue and 100% cotton, presented in roll of 100 units. Ideal for aperitifs or as coasters in more formal events. A touch of classical colour and always elegant.

  • Single-use textile product.
  • Soft touch, 100% cotton.
  • Seamless, maximum hygiene.
  • Saving in washing costa and organization.
  • Customizable: turn the napkin into a powerful marketing tool.
$5 flat rate shipping fee


55 Unities



100% Textile
100% Textile
Sin costuras
Without seams
Rollo precortado
Pre-cut roll
Un sólo uso o reutilizables
Single use or reusable

Washing (+)

No usar lejia
40ª Grados

100% cotton single-use napkins

100% cotton seamless napkins for events, pleasant to touch and high absorption. They combine the quality of cotton with the advantages of single-use napkins: hygienic, occupy less storage space and enable savings in costs and organisation of washing.

Cotton napkins of 32×32 cm, ideal for aperitifs or as coasters in more formal events. The Foggy Blue colour provides elegance and brightness to the table.

You can combine the placemats and other napkins of different sizes. They can also be customised according to your needs and thus achieve a unique and exclusive product.

MY DRAP is a brand with a great deal of experience in the textile sector. It has an extensive catalogue of napkins for events, table napkins, placemats and table runners. The only single-use fabric in the market, perfect for professional use in the hotel and catering sector.

BASICS Foggy Blue collection, all the colour on your table.

The Basics Foggy Blue collection of cotton napkins and placemats in pre-cut roll is available in 17 different colours and manufactured in 100% cotton fabric.
Basics Foggy Blue

Uses: Basics collection, for dressing the table with your favourite colours.

The Basics collection offers an infinite amount of possibilities giving your table the touch of colour you like most. There are 22 different colours to choose from to dress a mono-colour table or mix and match the colours to your taste. Create original, fun or elegant tables, with our cotton napkins and placemats made with 100% cotton and linen.


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