MY DRAP joins the fight against COVID-19, The Story


MY DRAP has been part of the Hospitality industry in Europe and America for many years. We are members of one big family that lives and breaths the culture of Service and create great experiences. COVID-19 has hit our society hard worldwide but our industry in particular is among the most impacted.

At MY DRAP our motto is “Family First”, and we could not just sit back with our arms crossed and wait for the virus to blow off. So just like with family, we got involved.

We decided to roll up our sleeves and see how we could contribute with what we have and what we know best.


Because we are in this together and we have an urge to help everyone protect the people around them. Face masks are in big shortage and we can do something about it. 

Our purpose is beyond manufacturing napkins, placemats or dishcloths. It’s about solving people’s problems and creating unique moments. The problem today, people need masks to go out for essentials while keeping others safe. The issue, they are impossible to find!

Many of our customers in restaurants and hotel kitchens are restlessly working to provide meals for those in need. We want to help them stay while they work on the front lines to help fight hunger in these trying times.


We are very proud of our tradition of innovation, but we’re even more proud of our raison d’être. We sat and thought what is it that we can do to be actively part of a solution for the CoronaVirus mayhem that has struck us so badly especially in Spain where we manufacture all our products and where we have been based for more than 103 years.

We have machinery, we have best quality materials and we have scientists with tremendous experience. So we immediately began to create a product that will help get our planet back in action. 

We are taking tremendous care for the safety of our staff while creating quality products for you. While keeping our factories open, we are enabling our workers to bring a salary home and at the same time, contributing to fight against COVID-19.


The determination to do whatever we can to mitigate and combat this threat led us to start doing intensive research and development and we came up with the idea of two types of masks.

The first one was a basic 2-ply DIY cotton mask that people could use to go out when feeling no so well and reduce the spreading of germs. This version of the mask was less complex to make and we can produce them in bulk to get them as quick as possible into the market that is so in need and can’t get them easily.

Right after we developed and launched a ready-to-use mask, same material, fully sewn and with more comfort feature. Way more convenient and effective. Also we are producing children sizes and colors.

An amazing collection always with the environmental care factor in front of mind.


With MY DRAP, it’s the details that make a difference. Let’s make a difference.


Learn more about our campaign #WEARASMILE