MY DRAP Featured Stories – Ep. 4 • Event designing / Plan Design Events
Meet Nicole Braghin, Managing Partner, Creative Director, and Designer at Plan Design Events. Plan Design Events have been an amazing customer of MY DRAP for several years now. We took a few minutes to sit down with them and get a little idea of what the world of an Event Planner looks like, what events [...]
MY DRAP Featured Stories – Ep. 3 • Recipe Curator / Caterer
KB table – Kelli bunch is the owner of a catering and event planning company in Houston, Texas. Ever since she was little she loved entertaining, cooking, hosting, etc. She attended culinary school at the Culinary Institute of America and upon her return to Houston, worked for a catering company for 6 short months before [...]
MY DRAP Featured Stories – Ep. 2 • Floral decor
The visual wonders that a florist/floral designer can create can never be overemphasized. We’ve all been there: at that moment where we have to stand back and admire sublime floral arrangements. The feelings of beauty, pleasure, and appreciation they inspire is one of the most blissfully satisfying things in the world. Then you ask yourself: [...]
Event Planning With My Drap – A Simple Guide
Planning an event is not all rosy, behind every great event is a strong content scheme. Thriving events are all about the components put into it. Guests note when hosts go out of their way to guarantee that every person in attendance has an amazing experience. As an event planner, how do you keep the [...]

Getting started: Labor Day is an annual event that celebrates the achievement of workers. It is the last holiday of the summer, where people gather for and do cookouts, go on trips, and some indulge in pool parties. To commemorate these last few days of summer, begin organizing a Labor Day party for your friends, […]


Summertime – Easy and Lighthearted Decorating   “Summertime and the livin’ are easy… fish are jumpin’ and the cotton is high ….”. The words of famous singer Ella Fitzgerald croons, Summer is here! Relax.  Let the sun seep into your bones and make you happy. Here   Summertime no fuss decorating We want to enjoy entertaining our guests […]