The power of feng shui: kitchen remodeling done the right way
With a New Year, comes a fresh perspective. For many of us, this could mean starting the year off with a new kitchen remodeling project. Most of us have been staring at the same, familiar four walls for the past couple of years. Inevitably, when you stare at something long enough, you are bound to [...]
Make elevated dining from home your New Years resolution!
This year, many of us will likely be ringing in the New Year at home. But as the old saying goes: “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. While lockdown restrictions or quarantining may be beyond our control, that doesn’t mean we can’t transform our own tables into an elevated dining experience from home that [...]
Six Impressive Holiday Decor Tips
In an ideal world, we would all start putting up our holiday decor in November in great anticipation of the upcoming festivities. For most of us however, life gets in the way until it’s at least a week before festivities begin and we are down to the wire. If you fall into this camp of [...]
Ten Quick & Easy Holiday Recipes for an Epic Festive Feast
This week, we bring you all the holiday recipes you need to pull together a quick, easy, and delicious festive meal that everyone can enjoy!   The holidays- a perfect time to get together with close friends and family- and a great excuse to eat your heart out! Between the decorating, gift shopping, wrapping, and [...]
Your Guide to Exceptional Holiday Etiquette
Whether you’re the host or the guest this holiday season, proper holiday etiquette is a must. We understand that this hectic time of year requires many moving parts. Instead of having to rack your brain for what to buy, wear, play, or do at any given festive soiree, we have gone ahead and done it [...]
Your Home Entertainer-Approved Holiday Gift Guide
Welcome to the ultimate, home entertainer-approved holiday gift guide!   We can all agree that online shopping has made gift-giving a whole lot simpler. These days, one can safely skip the long lines, claustrophobic crowds, and heavy schlepping altogether.   However, shopping from your couch with a mug of hot cocoa can still present its [...]
Easy tips to make your guests feel at home this Thanksgiving
In light of a global pandemic rocking our world for the past two years, it has become more imperative than ever before to really ensure that our house feels like a home. Undoubtedly, our home has become a safe haven- a space where we can gather those we love and trust, reflect, and create lasting [...]
Colours to incorporate into your table scapes this Fall
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MY DRAP Launches New Hand Towel Program at The Lodge at Blue Sky
When MY DRAP set off, the company did so with the dream of carving a niche out for itself in the hospitality industry. Priding itself in producing and delivering innovative and luxurious napkins, serviettes, coasters, and placemats, MY DRAP takes cognizance not just of any event and consumer demand but also of environmental health concerns. [...]
MY DRAP Featured Stories – Ep. 4 • Event designing / Plan Design Events
Meet Nicole Braghin, Managing Partner, Creative Director, and Designer at Plan Design Events. Plan Design Events have been an amazing customer of MY DRAP for several years now. We took a few minutes to sit down with them and get a little idea of what the world of an Event Planner looks like, what events [...]
Fairmont Royal York transformed using MY DRAP
FAIRMONT ROYAL YORK   The Fairmont Royal York was recently transformed as is part of the hotel’s 90th-anniversary celebration. The renovation of this historical hotel went on for quite a while and the highly anticipated reveal included a better arrival and check-in experience; contemporary event and meeting spaces; and elegant dining venues. Patrick Lernihan F&B [...]
MY DRAP Featured Stories – Ep. 3 • Recipe Curator / Caterer
KB table – Kelli bunch is the owner of a catering and event planning company in Houston, Texas. Ever since she was little she loved entertaining, cooking, hosting, etc. She attended culinary school at the Culinary Institute of America and upon her return to Houston, worked for a catering company for 6 short months before [...]
MY DRAP Featured Stories – Ep. 2 • Floral decor
The visual wonders that a florist/floral designer can create can never be overemphasized. We’ve all been there: at that moment where we have to stand back and admire sublime floral arrangements. The feelings of beauty, pleasure, and appreciation they inspire is one of the most blissfully satisfying things in the world. Then you ask yourself: [...]
my drap flightess
MY DRAP Featured Stories – Ep. 1 • Elevating Experiences
In the world of Corporate Flight Attendance, especially as it concerns VIP luxury service, Jamie Gibson has earned herself a spot among the impressible and prominent in the business. Going by the moniker, “flightess” – one truly earned by experience and acute perception – Jamie Gibson is an accomplished flight attendant, leading luxury hospitality expert, [...]
Event Planning With My Drap – A Simple Guide
Planning an event is not all rosy, behind every great event is a strong content scheme. Thriving events are all about the components put into it. Guests note when hosts go out of their way to guarantee that every person in attendance has an amazing experience. As an event planner, how do you keep the [...]

Getting started: Labor Day is an annual event that celebrates the achievement of workers. It is the last holiday of the summer, where people gather for and do cookouts, go on trips, and some indulge in pool parties. To commemorate these last few days of summer, begin organizing a Labor Day party for your friends, […]


If there is one activity that requires cotton napkin products outside of the kitchen or dining room, it’s picnicking. A picnic is a fun activity that brings people together. It is also a sign of a great summer day well spent with friends and loved ones. Picnics are a lovely affair. Sitting on the grass […]


New seasons signal the beginning of freshness and novelty, offering us a chance to revive and rejuvenate our lives, homes and, yes, get new cotton and linen dinner napkins. We at My Drap are making the most of the new season with our new and improved collection of table and dinner napkins, placemats and other […]

Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac potentially saving money using MY DRAP

In September of 2018, Mr. François Bouffard, Director of F&B at the Chateau Frontenac, was approached by MY DRAP CEO Shalom Gniwisch, to run a pilot program to determine the reduction in cost and labor by switching to the MY DRAP pre-folded 100% cotton, single-use, custom-branded dinner napkin. The issue Mr. Bouffard faced was that the Chateau […]

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Out With the Old, In with the New: It’s Spring Cleaning…for Your Napkins

Spring is well underway and we love the traditions that come with the season, one of which is getting rid of old stuff and replacing them with fresh new things…we’re talking spring cleaning. Even though it’s a few days past, we can still clean and redecorate our homes for the remainder of the year, and […]

MY DRAP Innovative Cotton Solutions taking the Hospitality Industry by Storm

“The detail that makes the difference” A Unique Textile Concept for the Hospitality Industry As the hospitality industry shifts more and more to eco-friendly solutions, are we making sure not to compromise on quality?  Prior to the MY DRAP launch in 2008, the options for linens, be it a coaster, cocktail, dinner napkin, etc were […]


Summertime – Easy and Lighthearted Decorating   “Summertime and the livin’ are easy… fish are jumpin’ and the cotton is high ….”. The words of famous singer Ella Fitzgerald croons, Summer is here! Relax.  Let the sun seep into your bones and make you happy. Here   Summertime no fuss decorating We want to enjoy entertaining our guests […]

How to place the cutlery and crockery on the Christmas table
How to place the cutlery and crockery on the Christmas table

Christmas dinner is a special day we celebrate with our close family and at the same time, an often unique occasion to coincide with perhaps more distant family members. For all the above […]

How to fold napkins for the Christmas table
How to fold napkins for the Christmas table

The combination of small details is what will help us enjoy a delightful Christmas dinner. After explaining how to choose a good tablecloth for the Christmas table and giving some ideas for decoration in these holidays, in today’s post we invite you to introduce a Christmas element by means of the napkins. A functional element, […]

Las servilletas más famosas
The most famous napkins

They say that in the early 20th century, the painter and sculptor Pablo Picasso often met up with his friends from ‘La bande à Picasso’: the poets Jean Cocteau and Guillaume Apolinaire, the […]

Placemats for decorating Christmas tables
Placemats for decorating Christmas tables

When do we start organising Christmas dinner? Christmas is one of the events of the year, for quantity and quality, and requires good planning. We usually gather a large number of diners, invest much […]

How to fold cotton napkins to surprise your guests
How to fold cotton napkins to surprise your guests

In table decoration cotton napkins have a leading role. On the one hand, because they are an essential part of any meal: all diners will use them so everyone will take notice of them.

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Ideas for decorated tables to be warm and inviting in autumn

What noble peace in this detachment from everything; oh beautiful meadow that pulls the petals from your flowers … this is how the poet Juan Ramón Jiménez described the autumn. Autumn, a time of the year as romantic as it is melancholy, a time when we do less […]

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Ideas for decorating tables in autumn

What noble peace in this detachment from everything; oh beautiful meadow that pulls the petals from your flowers … this is how the poet Juan Ramón Jiménez described the autumn. Autumn, a time of the year as romantic as it is melancholy, a time when we do less […]

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Wedding decoration: cotton napkins that mark the difference

Weddings in autumn? A very widespread tendency in recent years. Dry leaves on the ground, good light for the photographs, the smell of damp earth… are elements that provide a lot of romanticism to autumn weddings.

roll table serviettes
How to choose the best placemats for each occasion

A business meeting, a meal with friends, a wedding, a family day in the fresh air… Just as we wear something according to the occasion, it is logical to dress the table in accordance with the event we are about to celebrate.

Cotton napkins: a vintage proposal
Cotton napkins: a vintage proposal

Although it hasn’t always been as we know it today, the truth is that many, many years ago humanity used cotton napkins. It is highly probable to imagine that someone predicted their end when they invented the paper napkin (in the early 20th century), but it is clear that in no way has this

roll table serviettes
Cotton napkins: how to use them on the table

Functional and aesthetic, the cotton napkin is an essential element in any meal. Of equal importance are that they fulfil their practical function (that each diner can clean their hands and lips discretely) and the choice and presentation of the cotton napkin […]