The MY DRAP Story

MY DRAP North America is the exclusive supplier of MY DRAP cotton napkin products to the North American hospitality and retail industry. We are proud to represent the MY DRAP standard of old-world quality and craftsmanship and its 100 year-old history and traditions here in the new world.

Story of Innovation

MY DRAP cotton napkin products are designed and manufactured by a family-owned and operated Barcelona textile factory that has been innovating and perfecting for over a century. MY DRAP has been first to market in many categories, and continues to redefine the possibilities of what the seemingly simple cotton napkin can be.

Story of Quality

We are very proud of this tradition of innovation, but we’re even more proud of our tradition and history of quality. MY DRAP products are always manufactured to the very highest possible standard of workmanship and our quality-control process is always being pushed to the farthest possible tolerance. MY DRAP cotton napkins always perform, because we stake our reputation on every product that leaves our factory.

Story of Sustainability

The determination to do whatever we can to mitigate and combat harmful climate change is built into the MY DRAP DNA. We don’t see this is a burden, but as a fundamental part of our promise to deliver the best possible products. Our manufacturing and supply chain practices are to the highest EU environmental standards, and the products themselves have been designed to avoid the waste and energy usage that typically comes with this product category.

A Story of Luxury and Convenience

The experience of using a My DRAP cotton napkin product is unlike anything else. Our luxurious, seamless, and highly functional napkins are packaged as pre-perforated rolls for easy storage and even easier use. They’re reusable, they’re environmentally friendly, they’re packaged smartly, but most importantly, they look and feel fantastic.

With MY DRAP, it’s the details that make a difference. Let us show you how.